Pam-AboutI created this company because everything to me is all about energy and all about balance, as well as the importance of taking a holistic approach to healing all aspects of your life: Mind-Body-Spirit.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by health issues, weight issues, stress, or any other “dis-ease” within your body and just didn’t know where to turn to, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re tired of all the things in your life that you DON’T want, DON’T like, and DON’T need, yep, I can help you with that too.  I believe in getting the word out and passing on what I’ve learned to others, so that they too can benefit from learning how to shift their energy vibrations, working with their Chakra Energy Centers, their own energy fields, doing energy work, and working with Essential Oils and Crystal Therapy.

Maybe you’re looking for some guidance on your purpose in this lifetime and don’t know where to start to get the ball rolling, or you don’t know what may be stuck in your energy vibration that’s preventing you from moving forward. It’s truly amazing what can transpire when you go through life with your eyes wide open!

I come to you with a variety of qualifications, but none so important as speaking from the heart as someone who has actually experienced things first hand. I am an Energy Vibration Coach, a Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioner, a Reiki Master/Teacher in the USUI Reiki method of natural healing, a Certified Crystal Healer, through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, a Spiritual Mentor, and a Master Life Coach, Corporate Life Coach, and Holistic Practitioner certified through Behavioral Health and Leadership Dynamics, LLC. I am also an Ordained Minister. I found all the schooling that was involved in receiving these certifications were both rewarding personally to me as well as how they’ve enabled me to help my clients on a whole other level.

I believe that my role in this company is to teach you what I know, show you how to “train your brain”, push you to do your best, to motivate you and pump you up to keep you in the right mindset and in the “now moment”. I’m here to celebrate with you (in the successes), and to share with you when feelings of failure try to wiggle their way in. My commitment to you is to show you how to Shift Your Energy Vibration – so you can be true to yourself and live a life that “really” works for you!