January 26th-January 29th, 2017

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Journey Into Joy

Awaken the Force Within You Workshop

Cost: $99.00
Yes, it’s over….but you can get the recording and benefit from all 4 sessions!

Are you ready to Awaken the Force Within as you Journey into Joy, with Jakki Gioia, Colleen Humphries, and Pamela McAlexander?


No, we’re not going to go see Star Wars together…but there’s something that this Workshop and Star Wars have in common, everything in our world, including our own bodies, is all about energy. And there is light and dark within us, of which the key is to have a good balance.

Part of going on a journey is preparing for it. Part of your Journey into Joy is Awakening the Force Within You and that’s just what we intend to do with this 4-week workshop. Although this workshop is no longer “live”, you can still take advantage of it, as each of the calls was recorded – and BOY! Was it some amazing information we shared that you can take advantage of today!

We began Week 1 with Self Love – Digging Deep to Dig Out!

We go into Week 2 with YOU are the Creator of Your Life!

Week 3 covers Raising Your Energy Vibration.

And our last week was about Dreaming Your Future Into Reality.

What an amazing line up of topics we’re here to teach you about, and what a way to “jump start” your Journey Into Joy!

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Take this opportunity to get to know your presenters:



Jakki Gioia

My name is Jakki Gioia. I am the founder and co-creator of this wonderful experience called Journey Into Joy. Almost a year ago, I was inspired to create this life transforming movement while on my journey through my own life purpose. While I have known since writing my book, Follow the Signs, that my purpose is to bring joy to others, I have been trying to understand how all the things that I do fit together. Over the past 20 years I have brought joy to bodies through therapeutic massage and dance education, for the past 5 years I have affected emotions through my aromatherapy line, Divine Creations, Jin Shin Do Acupressure and life coaching techniques and most recently, through my songs. But since leaving an unhealthy relationship 2 years ago and returning to my roots, I have come to realize the depth of my purpose.

As part of my involvement with your Journey Into Joy, I will help you use your body as a tool- to learn how to listen to it to get deeper in touch with your emotions. I will help you unlock the reasons for your suffering and help you find the solution to it. I will help you acknowledge the source of your joy and expand that to get more clarity on what you truly want. I will also coach you on how to show yourself more love so you don’t look to others to make you feel whole.

In our entire process, you will embark on a mind opening, heart opening, soulful experience that will begin to peel back the layers of stress and confusion life has put there and infuse a new sense of hope. You can expect to gain insight into who you truly are and what you have been born to do, understand more clearly why the challenges were presented to you and come to appreciate them, and develop your own guidance system to help you make decisions that profit you. You will learn that all you ever want is within your reach and power to receive and you will learn what to do to get it.

My name, Gioia (pronounced Joya), is an affectionate term given me by my grandmother that means Joy in Italian. This is my gift to you. I am Jakki Gioia, and I welcome you to your Journey Into Joy!

Jakki’s Intro Video


Colleen Humphries

My name is Colleen Humphries, RN. I am one of the co-creators of this amazing experience Journey Into Joy. Being a Best-Selling Author, speaker, former radio show host and Break Through Coach working with men and women to unleash the power of their minds, I help people to break through any barrier to a success mindset.

As a registered nurse, I understand firsthand the challenges of balancing life’s demands and moving beyond burnout. My approach focuses on transforming your mindset to experience in every area of your life, whether it’s procrastination, self-doubt, sabotage, overwhelm, or you just feel stuck. I partner with you to quickly release blocks for your ultimate success – quick relief – lasting results.

Being a Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Master, and a student of Jack Canfield – The Canfield Training Group “Maximizing Human Potential”, I have successfully taken my clients through the Universal Laws for more abundant lives personally and professionally. I have firsthand experience and learned what works and what does not work in using those Universal Laws.

My focus within your Journey Into Joy is getting you to that Joyful mindset, teaching you how to allow oneself to feel joy even in the midst of hardship and/or feeling unworthy. There are so many exercises that I teach you to use to show you the true power of your mind, so that you have a better understanding of why you feel like you cannot allow yourself to be or feel joy. I go even deeper into helping you to understand how every time you have an emotion there is a chemical release into the body, and repeatedly over time, that chemical release becomes a constant and from there you create situations in your life- less joy just happens to be one of them.

I believe wholeheartedly that we are the creators of our situation and I know that we can change everything about ourselves by changing our thoughts, our beliefs, and the way we feel. As I work with you, I will show you proven techniques of the power of your mind, first hand, so there is no doubt that you can change your circumstances if you choose to do so.

Colleen’s Intro Video Coming Soon.

Pamela McAlexander

My name is Pamela McAlexander and I too, am one of the co-creators of this experience you’re about to embark on – your Journey into Joy. I am the founder of Tri-Holistic Healthy Healing, an Energy Vibration Coach and a Holistic Practitioner.  I’m here with a message for you today:  Are you playing small? Well it’s time to dream big! Why put your happiness on hold when you can be Living it NOW!

I’m here to teach you how to be able to balance your mind, body, and spirit so that you can experience optimal health and overall well-being. Sometimes this is difficult because people have “issues” stuck in their energy vibrations, and this prevents them from moving forward, and in the direction that they wish to go in. Being an Energy Vibration Coach and Holistic Practitioner, I work with you where together, we co-create to identify what those issues are, how to move beyond them and change your energy vibration in a way that will attract what you truly want in your life.

Energy vibration is a part of life, mine, yours, and ours. This is not rocket science, it’s our world and we don’t even realize the magnitude of it all.  My contribution to your Journey into Joy will involve encouraging you to DREAM BIG! One piece of this is helping you to recognize where you’re vibrating and why you’re bringing the kinds of things into your life. I encourage you to confidently take the steps forward to raising your vibration and bringing about more of what you really want in your life, and showing you how, with proven techniques that work.

Being a part of this experience will be life changing for you, and the more you participate in what we have to offer, the bigger the impact it will have on your life. You’re not on this journey alone – we’re here to educate you, guide you, basically walk beside you! So welcome and I look forward to working with you on your Journey into Joy!

Pam’s Intro Video