What Other's Are Saying

What Other's Are Saying about Pam

  • In working with Pam as a Life Coach, her expression "putting your happiness on hold" was a HUGE lesson for me. I never looked at things that way. I looked to her for the motherly compassion and encouragement to confidently take my steps forward with the assistance of her being able to see through the crap around me that I am too close to. She always nailed it!JG, New Jersey
  • I am on the verge of starting a CAREER, at a high end job, and getting to do exactly what I went to school for. During the training I had the opportunity to work with Ms, Mcalexander in her Corporate Coaching program. I have to say I feel extremely grateful and blessed that I had that chance. I have gained so much confidence and have learned easy and quick steps to re-frame negative statements and really manifest what I truly desire in my life! I feel more determined and focused and I feel that I have grown immensely just in the short amount of time I've worked with her! I would recommend her to ANYONE, especially if you feel that you are stuck in a rut with career focus.Working with her has been like talking with a insightful best friend. She has truly opened my eyes and helped me to see things from a different perspective! I am incredibly happy that I worked with Ms. Mcalexander, I feel that I wouldn't have found the confidence and understanding of myself going into this job if not for her! Mandi T. Bel Air, MD
  • I felt an immediate connection with Pam when I spoke to her on the phone. She was totally open and non-judgmental and although I was a bit apprehensive initially talking to a “stranger”, it felt as if I had known her for years as soon as we started our sessions. She was very intuitive and picked up on some underlying issues that I wasn’t aware of. She guided me through some of them and really raised my awareness about my self-esteem and how much of what I was struggling with was related to that. My defining moment with her came during one of my sessions when we addressed my poor body image and my health. She made me realize how precious my relationship with my body was and that the view of my body could be that of a best friend. She used a simple little exercise that helped me understand that I could be kind and understanding towards myself and that the health benefits of just that simple thing could bring me a lot of relaxation. I practice talking to my body every day now as if I had a conversation with my best friend. Its brought me a lot of peace and time, time to meditate instead of worry, and time to relax instead of pushing myself to exhaustion. In addition to her sessions she gave me a lot of insight on crystal healing and the importance of nature. Because of her I practice “earthing” and wearing beneficial crystals on a daily basis. Our ground breaking session was writing my mission statement and life vision. She intuitively guided me through this process and helped me understand what I was searching for in my life and that which really satisfied my soul. She asked thought provoking questions and once again I felt that she really knew me and understood what I was searching for. Through her I found what makes me happy and to hold on to that vision. I believe she was absolutely instrumental in helping me find peace with myself and determination to live a life of meaning. Thank you Pam!!! SNB - Texas
  • I have experienced Pam's gifts in several aspects including a Shamanic journey, a crystal energy reading, and extensive and in-depth life coaching sessions (8). I keep returning to Pam for her services because I thoroughly believe in her skills and abilities for guidance. She has "gifts" which are backed up with natural gut instincts and extensive knowledge in many areas of the metaphysical. Pam makes you feel comfortable, respects your beliefs, and truly has a passion to assist one with whatever they are seeking. Cj - Minnesota